Why the hell do we need another podcast?!

It’s 2019. There are over 30 million episodes from over 750,000 different podcasts for you to listen to. They cover everything from bird watching to cooking to politics and more, and some of them even cover dating and relationships in the 21st Century.

So why the hell do we need another one?!

Because Swiped Out is different. Honestly, it is. Swiped Out is the voice of dating in and from the UK, which is woefully untalked about to date. There are some FANTASTIC dating podcasts out there, including U Up, Girls Gotta Eat and We Met at Acme to name just a few, but they are all from the US.

We love our US cousins, of course, but when they’re talking about researching a guy’s 401k before the first date, the travails of dating in downtown LA or any one of a number of things that only happen stateside it is pretty much all alien to most of us. Likewise, when we talk about the time your date took you for a romantic PFC, how Brexit is going to affect your next relationship or something similar, those of us with a Disney channel twang haven’t got a scooby.

Also, unlike most dating and relationship podcasts, Swiped Out is lucky enough to have two hosts who are each other’s opposite in many ways. One is a child-free woman who accidentally donates to charity instead of paying for coffee twice in one go, the other is a dad of four who knows both more and less than he thinks about everything he claims to know anything at all about.

Swiped Out is for any of you who want to know what it’s like from the other side of the fence over here in the UK, and promises to be the best dating podcast in the country for as long as a single person listens to it. What more could you ask for?!

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