Welcome to the Swiped Out Club, your membership has been approved by the brand new podcast that accepts applications from Post-Millennials right through to the Silent Generation. Because let's face it, dating is tricky whatever your age.

Hosts Jackie (the perennial single who can't even get a text back) and Glen (the father of four who's survived divorce) guide you through the minefield that is modern dating. Consider them your trusty companions as you navigate being ghosted, swiping through photos of fish and hopefully finding true love.

Every week they unpack everything from the sublime to the re-dick pic. This is the podcast for everyone who has ever looked for love, been in love, and has lost love (but not hope) and has managed to laugh all the while.

We want to hear from you! Got a topic you want to discuss? For the ladies opinion you can get Jackie on swipedoutgirl@swipedoutclub.com or slide into her DMs @swipedoutgirl And for the guy's take on life, love and dating, Glen is on datingdad@swipedoutclub.com and @adatingdad 

Tune in every Tuesday and be a little less Swiped Out.